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Quadra Power provides a range of services for renewable energy
projects, specially solar:

  1. Project Development
  2. Consulting & Project Management
  3. Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)
  4. Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

Project Development

  1. PPA: Early stage site investigation & preparation to set up the necessary power purchase agreements
  2. IPP: Access to capital to structure successful Independent power purchase agreements
  3. Strong Procurement Chain & Strategic Partners
  4. Excellent Understanding of the Development Process

Consulting & Project Management

For full or partial scope of a project life cycle.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)

  1. Pre-construction & Feasibility studies

  2. Energy modeling using industry standards

  3. Financial forecast, analysis , estimating & budgeting

  4. Civil design (Site preparation, Storm water management, Site entrance, Laydowns, Grading, Trenching & Roads)

  5. Electrical design for both DC & AC scopes of work (Underground work, Overhead work, Low Voltage, High Voltage, Substation & Interconnection facilities)

  6. Structural design (Foundation work for Post, Medium voltage house, Substation & Communication Tower)

  7. Racking System Design & installation

  8. Photovoltaic, CSP System installation

  9. Weather station installation & SCADA implementations

  10. Monitoring and CUTV system installations

Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

  1. Qualified work force to assume responsibilities of all operations & trouble shooting
  2. Experienced in Preventative maintenance practices such as (Panel clearing, Vegetation management, Wildlife prevention, Water drainage, Up-keep of data acquisitions and monitoring systems, Up-keep of power generation systems “inverters, BOS inspections, tracker maintenance”)
  3. Experienced in Corrective maintenance practices such as (On site monitoring/mitigations, Critical reactive repair to address production losses, Non-critical reactive repair to address production degradation, Warranty enforcement as needed)
  4. Experienced in Condition based maintenance practices such as (Active monitoring – remote and on site options, Warranty enforcement “planned type”, Equipment replacement “planned type”)